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AI for Everyone.

Turbocharge Business Growth
using the most advanced & affordable
Self-Service Enterprise Data ML Platform.

Boost productivity. Automate Bigdata & AI Operations. Drive efficiency. Accelerate Use cases. Improve time-to-market. Cut costs. Innovate rapidly. Increase ROI.

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Cost Savings


 Speed up in Development


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Improvement in Time to Market

Why Sparkflows ?

Drag-And-drop AI/ML for Analysts, Data Scientists & Data Engineers

Product Capabilities

TensorFlow 2.0, H2O,

Scikit learn, SparkML

Data Science

Kickstart your AI Journey
with Sparkflows

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Quickstart Guide, User Guide & Tutorials

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Churn Prediction

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Customer Segmentation

Our Key Capabilities

Collaboratively build best-in-class Machine Learning applications in hours using 350+ pre-built drag-and-drop processors in Sparkflows ML Workbench and make data-driven decisions in real-time

Data Preparation

Data Exploration

Machine Learning

Analytical Apps

Sparkflows enables the coders to build the data engineering pipeline, feature engineering pipeline, machine learning model and then abstract away all the details into a simplified UI. 

Sparkflows enables users to build Machine Learning models via 150+ processors which perform well out of the box via its statistical and domain based feature engineering processors to go along with the multiple AutoML engines.

Sparkflows has rich statistical interactive visualization capabilities via plots like correlation matrix, boxplot, subplot, histograms, graph plots enabling quick insights into the data.

Sparkflows enables users to build data pipelines via 100+ pre-built processors to validate data, transform data and have clean data prepared.Users can even extend the processors by leveraging our sdk as well. 

Using Sparkflows dedicated data processors we can connect to over 50+ data sources, Cloud based databases or files of all major cloud providers including Amazon, Azure, Google, Snowflake and more.

The Analytics Workflow

With Sparkflows, data teams build use cases by running the compute on the Data Lakes leveraging the push down capabilities, enabling the creation of data science pipeline/models, operational workflows, reports which can then be pushed out to systems residing outside of Data Lake.

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50+ Vertical Use-cases

Customer Segmentation
Predictive Maintenance

Democratize ML/AI

Empower every Analyst, Citizen Data Scientist, Data Scientist and Data Engineer to power data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency

Data Engineer

Radically reduce the backlog of ETL and data orchestration tasks and devote more time to strategic projects. Build reusable processors and workflows, that anyone in the company can use for themselves to access datasets and run analytics.

Data Scientist

Accelerate Big Data Analytics and build ML models 10x faster. Choose from 30+ ML nodes to build, train and test models. Re-train models faster with advanced scheduling features and distributed compute engine, and operationalise models with minimal effort.

Data Analyst

No more waiting for Data Engineers to set things up. Incredibly easy to connect to any size datasets and get insights within a few hours. No Big Data skills required to build advanced ML models to predict customer behavior, churn, or revenue. Use AutoML to find the best models.

Radically reduce the backlog of ETL and data orchestration tasks and devote more time to strategic projects. Build reusable processors and workflows, that anyone in the company can use for themselves to access datasets and run analytics.

Business User

Deploy Data and Workloads
to any Cloud Provider

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Sparkflows is powering Advanced
Analytics at many Organizations

Fortune 500
CPG Company
Leader in Business
Decisioning data & Analytics
One of America’s
leading Healthcare providers

Love your AI Journey

Sparkflows fits right in no matter where you are in your AI journey. Explore your Enterprise data and discover new opportunities.

Not Sure

Not sure if Machine Learning is for you? Start with our Big data Analytics and try it out free, If you like, dip your toes in Machine Learning and start deploying models in a few minutes.

Started But.....

Don't wait to Kickstart your AI journey by partnering with us and accelerate returns on your investment.

AI Enterprise

If you are already using AI and Machine Learning, Sparkflows can improve/streamline the ease of building your Machine Learning pipeline and speed up the process many folds - our customers have seen a 10x+ increase.