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Data Exploration

Sparkflows has rich statistical interactive visualization capabilities via plots like correlation matrix, boxplot, subplot, histograms, graph plots enabling quick insights into the data.


Sparkflows enables auto data profiling by computing meta information like columns cardinality, correlations, distinct values in columns, flagging outliers among others.

Data Visualization

Sparkflows helps data analysts and data scientists create powerful visual storylines through its Data Visualization capabilities, such as plots or graphs. They make it easier for the human brain to understand and find hidden insights from the data. The main goal of data visualization is to make it easier to identify patterns, trends and outliers in large data sets.

Reports and Dashboards

Sparkflows provides live reports and interactive dashboards. The live reports get updated when the corresponding model is retrained or an analysis is run. The interactive dashboard connects to the data source and one can play around with the live data looking for insights. With Sparkflows visual tools you are able to present and effectively share the data insights with your stakeholders from business and management.

The snapshot of the dashboards can be taken at any time and the reports can be forwarded/emailed to business teams and/or management.All popular chart types are available with Sparkflows Visual tools which includes : Bar, Box & Whisker , Heatmap, Line , Scatter, Pie etc.

Data Profiling

Sparkflows enables auto Data profiling by computing meta information like columns cardinality, correlations, distinct values in columns, and flagging outliers among others.

After data profiling insights, users circle back to building visualizations to lend support to the hypothesis visually that was put forth looking at the numbers from the data profiler in Sparkflows. They reiterate the loop of visualization < - > profiling as long as the users keep finding interesting patterns.

Columns Cardinality
Flag Outlier
Distinct values
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Integrations with BI Platforms

Sparkflows integrates seamlessly with other BI platforms like Tableau, PowerBI which are usually integrated at Enterprises to be used by Analysts. Reports and Dashboards can be built on top of these BI tools which would pick up data from Sparkflows.

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