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Collaborative Self-Serve Advanced
Analytics with Sparkflows + Databricks

Perform Data Analytics, Data Exploration, build ML models and

Data Engineering in minutes using the 450+ Processors in Sparkflows

Seamless Integration with Databricks

In Sparkflows you can

View/Start/Stop your

Databricks Cluster

View, upload and download in Databricks File System (DBFS)

View your Databases and
Tables in Databricks

Build workflows which reads from and writes to tables in Databricks

Execute the workflows on your Databricks clusters and view the results.

Results include data in

Charts, Tables, Text etc.

Benefits of Sparkflows on Databricks

Find quick value with Sparkflows and Databricks

Enable Business Analysts

Enable Business Analysts to find quick value with Databricks clusters.

Self Serve Advanced Analytics

Enable users to do analytics and Machine Learning in minutes.

Enable 10x more users on Databricks.

10x More Users

Makes it easy to build, maintain and execute

No code and low code platform
Return on Investment (ROI)

Solve your data science use cases 10x faster.

View Databricks Clusters

In Sparkflows, you can view, upload or download files from DBFS. 

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Read and write Databricks Tables

In Sparkflows, you can create workflows which read from and write to tables in Databricks.

Interact with Databricks File System (DBFS)

In Sparkflows, you can view your files on DBFS.

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Execute Workflows on Databricks

In Sparkflows, you can execute the workflows on Databricks and view the results of execution.

Sparkflows is seamlessly Integrated with MLflow

Create experiments in MLflow

Log metrics and artifacts

to MLflow

Save ML models to MLflow

Vertical Solutions

Generative AI Solutions

Sparkflows makes it seamless to work with Delta Lake

Read, Write and Merge data into Delta Lake

Build and Execute Analytical App

Build and execute Analytical Apps on Databricks and get results displayed back into Sparkflows.

The business logic for the Analytical Apps can be in Notebooks on Databricks or be powered by the workflows in Sparkflows.

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