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Generative AI Platform

Sparkflows enables customers to use the Generative AI capabilities by hosting model and infrastructure in-house (on-prem or on the cloud within a VPC) and via API’s to licensed models like GPT-4

Sparkflows Gen-AI Platform

With Sparkflows Generative-AI Platform, you can effortlessly build optimized Retrieval-Augmented Generation(RAG) applications by harnessing the power of LLM models. The versatile platform has already enabled the development of data science analytics on private knowledge warehouses, chatbots on private knowledge warehouses, and statistical analytics on datasets, showcasing the broad spectrum of possibilities it offers for building intelligent and data-driven applications.


The platform's seamless integration with LLM models and empowers developers and data scientists to explore cutting-edge AI technologies without extensive coding or training efforts.


Existing Nodes Powers the Gen-AI Platform

Utilizing 400+ processors, Sparkflows ingests data from various sources into VectorDB to build the Knowledge Warehouse, facilitating seamless querying through a Retrieval-Augmented Generation(RAG) framework . As a result, users can harness the power of the LLM model to perform complex and insightful queries, empowering them with valuable insights and driving informed decision-making across their data-driven applications.


With Sparkflows comprehensive data processing drag and drop processors, businesses can efficiently leverage their data assets and unlock the full potential of the LLM model for intelligent and data-centric applications.

Data Engineering and Data Science frontiers of Gen-AI

Generative-AI solutions are a blend of Data Engineering and Data Science. Sparkflow platform provides the solutions to both aspects.

Data Challenges: The Sparkflows Gen-AI platform recognizes the importance of high-quality and diverse datasets for training its generative models effectively. With 400+ processors, Sparkflows enables users to build a comprehensive Knowledge Warehouse in Vector DB, which serves as a valuable source of optimized context for LLM models.


Data Science Solutions: Sparkflows Gen-AI platform tackles the machine learning aspect by using fine tuned versions of state-of-the-art Large Language Model.

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