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Data Connectors

Using Sparkflows dedicated data processors we can connect to over 50+ data sources, be it SQL or NoSQL-based, Cloud-based databases or files of all major cloud providers including Amazon, Azure, Google, Snowflake, and more.

File Formats


Standard File Formats

Upload files of the standard formats of CSV, JSON, XML, TSV, Excel files, etc. and use Sparkflows data connectors to parse and read the underlying data in the files with auto schema generation.

Advanced File Formats

Use Sparkflows dedicated data connectors to read from Hadoop generated file formats, Machine Learning generated LIBSVM, or geospatial vector data Shapefile.

apache parquet.png

Database Providers

Sparkflows makes it easier to connect to any of the major Database providers be it SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Apache or HP. Use our predefined processors to read and write to these data sources.

Cloud-Based Providers

With the shift to Data Cloud, our dedicated data connectors support all major cloud-based instances of database or Data warehouse like AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks Lakehouse, Google Big Query, Azure SQL Server and IBM Cloud Databases.

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