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Analytical Apps

Analytical Apps are used by Subject Matter Experts, and Data Scientists to quickly design user interfaces that hide the technical & business complexity of Sparkflows workflows or notebooks. With an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas, easily build interactive UI without re-architecting the entire workflow/notebook.


As a business user run interactive exploratory data analysis and machine learning modeling, and even play with the ML hyperparameters without having to set up a similar software environment.

Business Insights

Build graphical display of the metrics which are important to your business team. Track and visualize KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), core metrics, and any other relevant data points for your business teams. Using Analytical Apps access data in the way that best addresses business questions.

Empower your team with self-service analytics with the help of the simplified UI form based reusable Applications.

Scenario Analysis

Using Sparkflows Analytical Apps Data Scientists & Subject Matter Experts can check the outcome of different input scenarios, like, checking the accuracy of the ML Model by uploading new scenario data, changing hyperparameter values or effect of adding or dropping feature columns.

Similarly, business users can try out multiple What-if scenarios and decide on the reliability of the model outcome.

Analytical Apps Use-Cases :

When teams want dynamic dashboards from where they can easily run queries and see custom, interactive visualizations

Show inferencing of your data model with a user-friendly interface to business users

Turn the business data into interactive data stories

Provide personalization profiles describing what would be of interest to a given user

Generate reports understandable to a business user with interactive and intuitive interface.

Sales Forecasting

Customer Churn

Recommendation Engine

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