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Banking and Financial Service Applications


Fraud detection​

 Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management​

Customer 360​

Credit Scoring


Improve risk scoring and claims processing

Attractive offerings

Seamless user interaction

Improve customer service

Financial Services

Improve risk scoring and claims processing

Attractive offerings

Seamless user interaction

Improve customer service

Sparkflows Solutions

Fraud Detection

Identify the pattern, analyze the trends, compare them against fraud detection

Data analytics integrates structured & unstructured data to reveal information about bank fraud

Fraud transactions are flagged in real time making it easier to catch them quickly

Process millions of transactions, real-time capability, and deep analysis that uncovers trends in data

The analysis system suggests immediate actions like blocking irregular

50+ ML algorithms available in Sparkflows
35+ File Formats and Connectors available
Variety of NLP algorithms available

Regulatory Compliance​

Improve the accuracy in identifying the rules that apply to banks and fix the institution

Augment the skills of compliance officers allowing them to scale their operations

Automatically scour through the web and identify only the most relevant documents

Use Machine Learning AI models appropriate for the client- company’s use case

Risk Management​

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Credit Risk

Use Machine Learning algorithms to better assess credit histories. They reveal the additional vulnerabilities missed by human eyes

unnamed (30).png
Fraud Risk

Build AI models quickly spot patterns from various channels and send alerts about fraudulent activity

Underwriting Risk

Artificial Intelligence is used to collect data points from multiple sources and give a rounded risk profile for each customer

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AI & Risk Management

Align when there is a need for handling and evaluating unstructured data

Sparkflows supports
Deep Learning with Keras
Ability to Read & Process Images​
Scale horizontally to millions of images​

Customer 360​

Ingest, integrate and enrich all of your customer data into a data lake. This makes every bit of customer data easily available to the entire organization

We are harnessing the vast resources of customer data with modern Data Architecture leveraging Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

FPG algorithm available
in Sparkflows
Scales to any size dataset​
Multiple clustering algorithms available

Credit Scoring

Artificial Intelligence is a great solution using more data to provide individualized credit score

The credit score is based on current income, employment opportunity, recent credit history, ability to earn, older credit history

Assess each borrower and provide credit to those who were denied under the conventional scorecard system​

AI adopts new problems like credit card churners who have high credit score but not likely to be profitable for the card issuer

Sparkflows connects with various data sources and scales to Petabytes​
Perform various Analytics on the Data by slicing and dicing it​
Use various classification & recommendation algorithms​

Anti Money Laundering

Sparkflows uses ML Technologies to find a suspicious transaction​

These transactions are flagged for investigation and can be scored as high, medium or low priority for better investigation

The AI can also provide reason code for the decision to flag the transaction. These codes tell the investigators where they might uncover the issues to streamline the process

AI learns from the investigators to review and clear suspicious transactions 

Fraud Mitigation

Sparkflows builds ML models that can be used to automate claims assessment and routing based on existing fraud pattern.​

Customer Retention

Sparkflows builds a great solution for customer churn prediction. AI can look at new data sources, complex interactions between behaviours to determine risk, recommend best offer, identify why a customer is at risk.​

 Rate Management​

AI models are used for anomaly detection, clustering and creating recommendations which makes it ideal for finding issues and developing more individualized insurance policies and rates.​

Claims Management​

Sparkflows uses the AI model to streamline processing by scoring claims for fraud, provide reason codes for claim denials. Reason codes are helpful for customers which help them to fix the claim for reprocessing, approval and payment.​

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