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Collaborative Self-Serve Advanced
Analytics with Sparkflows + HPE Unified Analytics

Perform Data Analytics, Data Exploration, build ML models and Data Engineering in minutes using the 450+ Processors in Sparkflows

Self-Service Data Analytics & AI
with HPE Ezmeral and Sparkflows

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HPE Ezmeral and Sparkflows : Accelerating pace of analytics across hybrid environments

Overview of Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software

Unified Analytics Software

Managed open-source analytics frameworks


BYO Tools

Data Fabric Software

Seamlessly, access, manage, govern global data

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HPE GreenLake/




Solution Design

Overview of Sparkflows HPE Unified Analytics Integration

Sparkflows is deeply integrated with HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics platform. It can be installed as a pod in the kubernetes environment of Ezmeral/Unified Analytics and submit the jobs to Spark clusters via Livy. It can process data from maprfs and other datas sources in the Unified Anlalytics platform

In Sparkflows you can

Build and Run Analytics and ML jobs on Ezmeral Unified Anlaytics platform

Seamlessly read files from maprfs and process them

Send data to and build ML models on the Spark Kubernetes cluster running in Ezmeral platform

Read and process streaming data from Apache Kafka and other pub-sub end points

Results include data in Charts, Tables, Text etc

Benefits of Sparkflows on HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

Find quick value with Sparkflows and HPE Unified Analytics Integration

Enable Business Analysts

Enable Business Analysts to find quick value with HPE clusters

Self Serve Advanced Analytics

Enable users to do analytics and Machine Learning in minutes

Enable 10x more users on HPE Ezmeral

10x More Users

Makes it easy to build, maintain and execute

No code and low code platform
Return on Investment (ROI)

Solve your data science use cases 10x faster

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