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No Code Studio to Fine Tune LLM

Sparkflows No code Studio helps in fine tuning the LLM on your dataset to personalise the response.


Any open source model either hosted on Hugging Face model model repository or otherwise, or a model built in-house can be brought in and fine tuned on private dataset.


Biggest models like Llama 2 with 60 Billion parameters, Falcon with 40 Billion parameters can be fine tuned on your dataset.

Fine Tuning is Much Faster and Cheaper than Training LLM

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With Sparkflows Generative AI platform, the fine-tuning process for LLM models becomes remarkably efficient and accessible. Leveraging the platform's capabilities, fine-tuning can be conducted on a commodity GPU within a few hours or, in some cases, even on a CPU in a laptop. This significantly reduces the barriers to entry, allowing developers and researchers to experiment and tailor the models to their specific use cases without the need for extensive compute resources.


The agility afforded by Sparkflows Generative AI platform's efficient fine-tuning process enables rapid iterations and experimentation, accelerating model development and optimization. By enabling fine-tuning on common computing resources, Sparkflows fosters an inclusive and collaborative AI community, driving innovation and knowledge-sharing among developers and researchers.

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