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Energy & Utilities Applications

Reduce risk and boost customer service with accelerated billing runs

Cut billing time enabling additional customers and improve call center responsiveness.

Turn climate into capital with big data

Use big data modeling solutions to slice weeks from data processing times and support more data for more accurate turbine placement decisions.

Use Internet of Things solutions to create a smarter grid

 Build a centralized asset management and big data analytics platform to enable predictive maintenance, save costs and boost reliability.

Deliver customer benefits through an integrated smart grid

Empower customers and a comprehensive view of infrastructure helps utilities proactively identify and fix outages, reduce consumption and improve emergency-response time.

Strengthen security, compliance and policy enforcement

Have greater transparency of trader access rights and can resolve separation of duty violations before they become a security risk.

Using predictive analytics to drive real bottom-line value

 Predict which customers would enter into collections, gaining insight from huge data across many million meters – every few minutes.

Monitor energy usage in near-real time to reduce consumption

Enable consumers to control their consumption and reduce their carbon footprint by monitoring energy usage in near-real time.

Reduce churn and gain new customers with analytics

Using customer segmentation, achieved by analytical modeling, reach the right customers with the right product offers.

Strategic asset management to improve electricity network planning and maintenance

Deploy Strategic Asset Management to optimize asset performance across many sites using a single portal and analytics-based decision support tools.

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