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Increasingly organizations across many industries are using data from many different sources. Performing Analytics and ML across them provides great Business Benefits.

However, very few users are enabled to make use of Big Data Platforms. Data is not accessible, tools are too complex to use and achieving the end to end from Data Cleaning, Data Analytics, Feature Generation to building and analyzing ML models on these Datasets becomes very hard. This leads to frustration and failure of the Use Cases we set about to solve.

Sparkflows is the ideal Platform for enabling powerful self-serve big data analytics & ML. With browser based most powerful workflow editor, easy access to data, 200+ pre-built processors, powerful visualizations and insights into the job run, makes it seamless for the users to solve the very complex scenarios.


Powerful Self-Service

Sparkflows provides powerful self-serve rich capabilities on Big Data accessible through the Browser.

Data is protected with users able to only access data configured for them. Users can share datasets, workflows and dashboards with other users.

Machine Learning


Sparkflows provides a number of Processors for Machine Learning on Big Data. These include:


  • Feature Generation

  • Feature Selection

  • Clustering

  • Regression : Linear Regression, Decision Tree Regression, Random Forest Regression, Gradient-boosted Tree Regression

  • Classification : Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Gradient-Boosted Tree, Naive Bayes

  • Collaborative Filtering

  • Model Selection and Tuning


Sparkflows currently uses Apache Spark ML for powering the machine learning algorithms. Integration with Tensorflow, XGBoost, and H2O are on the roadmap.


Sparkflows also allows running Python on distributed data and multiple models can be built in parallel.


Big Data Analytics

Sparkflows provides a powerful platform for doing Big Data Analytics.

Today analytics for hard questions requires processing large datasets in a distributed fashion.

Sparkflows provides  joining datasets easily from various sources, perform data validations, run multiple SQL queries on them, perform aggregations, filtering, etc. to quickly get to your answers.


All these are enabled in minutes by building out a workflow. Also achieve powerful visualization on your data instantly.


Big Data Preparation


While Big Data is the place where data from many, many sources are brought together, it becomes increasing important to be easily able to clean and prepare them.

Sparkflows makes it extremely easy with powerful data readers, data cleaning, data validation, deduplication, processors, etc.

As you apply the transforms for data cleaning, the powerful editor displays the output results of any step immediately making it interactive and easy to prepare the data.

bike sharing, churning up.png


Sparkflows enables building rich dashboards in minutes. Dashboard editor allows dragging and dropping nodes from any of the workflows into a canvas.

When the workflows execute, the dashboard is populated with the output of the specified processors.

Scale-out easily and cost effectively

  • Start with one machine and scale out adding any number of machines to the Cluster, supporting any number of users.

  • Sparkflows provides blazing performance at the price of commodity hardware.

  • No more waiting endlessly for the processing to complete or heavy license costs.

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