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Support for Credential Store in Sparkflows

Sparkflows enables you to configure Credential Store. When creating connections, values like user-name/ password etc. can be fetched from the Credential Store which has been configured in Sparkflows.

Multiple Credential Stores can be configured in Sparkflows. This article describes the steps for creating a Credential Store in Sparkflows and using the Connections.

Connections allow you to connect to stores like Snowflake, SAP HANA etc. and read and write data from them.

Configure Azure Key Vault in Fire Insights

The below images display adding the Azure Key Vault as a Credential Store in Fire Insights.

Use the Credential Store in Connections

Once the Credential Store is created, it can be used when creating Connections.

In the below, values from the Azure Key Vault are used in creating the Snowflake connection. Username, Password, URL are fetched from the Azure Key Vault.

The Snowflake connection is then used in the Read from Snowflake Node.

Below is an output display of a Dataframe which has been read from Snowflake.

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