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Business Goal

Customer Segmentation functionality is required to drive better campaigning and purchasing predictions based on user demographic, behavioral, transactional, and geographic data captured through various campaigns and promotions systems. 

This solution can help identify the behavioral patterns of various households. The goal is to create useful customer clusters to target different promos and offers and identify new markets and acquire new customers.


It’s very difficult to keep customers loyal to the brand.

Customers won’t trust us, if we don’t understand their needs, price sensitivity, and frustrations.

Industries spend a lot more money trying to market to everyone, but most products aren’t even suitable for many people.

ROI is reduced by trying to market to people who don’t even need what is being sold to them.


Sparkflows offers the most comprehensive and scalable solutions for Customer Segmentation.

A user can quickly create the following types of segmentations using Sparkflows and can take critical business decisions.

Demographic Segmentation

Demographic Segmentation uses customer demographic information in segmenting the customers. Sparkflows provides quick data ingestion, attribute extraction, profiling, quality analysis, and processing of the below features used in Demographic Segmentation. This is a very popular segmentation process as it is fairly easy to collect user data through website analytics and surveys and easy to measure metrics :




Education Level


Professional Designation

Sparkflows allows the development of Clustering Models to segment Customers by demography so that Marketers can get the following benefits :

Great for monitoring trends and social shifts

Easy to find potential markets and propensity to buy

Geographic Segmentation

It is the process of grouping customers based on the locations where they live and the places where they shop. Sparkflows offers powerful data preparation workflows to ingest, profile and process various features like :




Population density  

The clustering algorithms of Sparkflows provide extremely useful Segmentations which in turn help :

Identify people with common needs

Concentrate spending in specific areas which can improve brand visibility

Find new regions for investment and potential customers

 Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral Segmentation looks at the buying process of customers and then grouping them based on similar behaviors they demonstrate when they interact with your brand. Sparkflows provides the workflows to collect data, and process the key attributes required for efficient modeling :

Spending patterns

Interactions with brands

Purchasing behaviour

Brand Loyalty

Product feedback

Sparkflows provide sophisticated algorithms for clustering which help Industries take critical Business decision as follows :

Prioritization of spending efforts

Forward plan based on buyer’s journey

Make predictions and tune Business performance

Effective personalization

Business Impact

By segmenting the market, one can target the right groups of people with the right products which saves lots of unwanted costs.

With segmentation Industry can use a different strategy for each group, tailoring the approach so that customers can avail of better choices.

It can give an Industry brand a stronger identity.

Segmenting the market can illuminate new areas for innovation that one may have missed otherwise.

Marketing department will be able to create campaigns and leverage channels that are much more tailored to their audience.

A company can drive international expansion for its brands.

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