Retail Analytics

Retail Supply Chain Analytics

Takes an analytical approach to better understand their business and anticipate customer behavior.

Smart Recommendations

Using Big data analytics create relevant offers based on browsing history and other data sources.


These customized promotions can be used for localized marketing, pushing coupons and offers to smartphone users based on their location, or to drive e-commerce sales using real-time offers delivered via online advertising or social media.

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Media and Entertainment

By using big data, build and deploy advanced analytics solutions by simplifying data integration, robust deployment of production applications and  real-time experimentation.

This enables organizations to increase ad revenues, drive engagement, sentiment analysis and reduce customer churn. 

Build 360-degree view of the Customer

Improve how you interact with the customer. Correlate transactional, online browsing behavior, product preferences etc. 

Incorporate external data including weather, social data for better targeting, measuring sentiment etc.

Building Brand Sentiment

Using big data analytics, you can perform a customer brand sentiment analysis based on behavioral trends using sources such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

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