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Name Finder with Apache OpenNLP in Fire Insights

Fire Insights provides NameFinder Node to easily detect named entities and numbers in text. It takes in a column name in the input DataFrame containing text. It then detects the entities and stores them into a new column.

To be able to detect entities the Name Finder needs a model. The model is dependent on the language and entity type it was trained for.

The Apache OpenNLP project offers a number of pre-trained name finder models which are trained on various freely available corpora. They can be downloaded at the OpenNLP download page.


Below is a workflow which uses the NameFinder Node.

It consists of 3 Nodes:

  • TextFiles - It reads in the input text file and creates a row from each line of text

  • OpenNLPNameFinder - It extracts the entities from each line of text

  • PrintNRows - It prints the first 10 rows of the result


It reads in the input files from the directory data/ner-person. It places each line in the column 'line'


It extracts entities from the text in the input column 'line' and stores them in the output column 'ner'. When running on the Hadoop Cluster, the model file has to be on HDFS and users have to have access to it.


It prints the first 10 rows from the result

Input File

The input file looks like below.

Executing the workflow

When the workflow is executed, it produces the following output.

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