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Data Profiling In Fire Insights

Data Profiling is extremely helpful in understanding the data. Fire Insights provides a number of processors for users to profile their data.

Workflow for Data Profiling

Below is a workflow which profiles the Telco Churn Dataset.

Input Telco Churn Data

The input dataset looks like below:

Workflow Execution Result

When the above workflow is executed, it produces the below results. The good thing about Fire Insights is that the Data Profiling runs in a distributed fashion. So, whatever the number of records in the input dataset, it scales seamlessly.

Summary Statistics

Counts by Churned Column

Graph of counts of various attributes for Churned and Not Churned customers

Correlation Matrix


In this blog we saw Fire Insights makes it extremely easy for you to profile your datasets.

Start with downloading and installing Fire Insights onto your laptop. All it needs is Java 8 to be installed on your laptop.

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