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Consumer Packaged Goods

Global CPG Industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in retaining its share of wallets and maintaining competitiveness. Consumers are increasingly embracing varieties of health, beauty, convenience, sustainability, and premium products driven by the pandemic retail boom.  There is also considerable confusion and uncertainty among buyers due to the current challenging economic conditions. All the shifting trends and evolving shopping habits make it all that more critical for CPG companies to stay closer to the consumers - how what, where, and why they buy.

AI-powered Self-Service Customer Engagement

Sparkflows provides CPG brands with a much-needed single pane of glass that can crunch a wealth of data from macro to item level. At Sparkflows, our vision is to help GPG companies accelerate Customer Revenue Growth by empowering them with Best-In-Class, Fast-paced Self-Service data science and analytical solutions.

Sparkflows play a critical role in the CPG Industry by delivering sophisticated predictive and prescriptive insights, longitudinal customer views, cross-retailer comparisons, and more relevant shopper segments for optimized targeting.

Sparkflows CPG solutions

Leverage the Self-Service Push-Down Data-Centric AI Platform on Data Lakes to build Business-driven Point-n-Click Apps, Pipelines, and Workflows for quickly turning large amounts of data into actionable insights through minimal Touchpoints

Sparkflows solutions are easy to use and follow the following logical steps:


As a first step, Sparkflows automatically profiles, cleans and analyzes the quality of the data.


Simultaneously, the data preparation and feature engineering capabilities quickly generate all the relevant Machine Learning features.


Next,  automatic EDA helps gain insights and understands patterns within the data.


Sparkflows also offers powerful Clustering Algorithms which can generate the required type (Geographic, Demographic, Behavioral) of customer segments.

Finally, Business Users can develop elegant Analytical Apps and Reports (with powerful dashboards displaying metrics and KPIs) on top of these workflows to generate insights on the fly

Churn Prediction

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Customer Segmentation


On-Shelf Availability

Sales Forecasting


Store Segmentation

Case Study

A Fortune 500 CPG Brand is using Sparkflows Automated Business Solution Generator Capabilities to bring agility to all parts of the business, from optimizing the spend to having better insight on customers and more effectively pricing or targeting products.

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Success Stories

Business Objective

A multinational CPG company operating worldwide needs to grow its sales at a higher rate. 

They have a presence in different regions of the world like APAC, North America, South America etc. and data analysts/scientists in each of them who need to be enabled for doing self-serve advanced analytics.

Business Use Cases

A customer had identified several data science use cases including :

  • Cross-Sell​

  • Segment Customers

  • Promotions

  • Price Elasticity

  • Locate best Stores


Highly Complex & Time-Consuming Solutions

Ineffective recommendation of products to stores

Low ROI of Data Science

Inability to collaborate due to lack of a common platform


Sparkflows provide most Comprehensive and Scalable Self-Service AI

Sparkflows could be installed and configured securely in few hours.

Analysts and Data Scientists leveraged 350+ No-Code Processors , 80+ ML Algorithms and 200+ prebuilt sample workflows to create Data Prep Workflows and ML models.

The jobs would run distributed on Databricks and hence scale easily.

Sparkflows offers deep integration with Databricks and Snowflakes

Sparkflows deep integration with Databricks enabled all the jobs to run on Databricks with push-down analytics and execute queries on Snowflake at scale.

Sparkflows scales out Business Use cases and promotes Collaboration

The customer was able to quickly predict customer churn, segment target customers, recommend stores, determine CLTV, and forecast sales. All solutions were reusable, access-controlled, versioned, and shareable.

Sparkflows boosts productivity through Augmented Automations

Automated connectivity to SSO, Databricks, Snowflake, GitHub, Schedulers, and seamless CI/CD saved huge costs and increased efficiency.


Increase in User Adoption


Reduction in Time to Market


Increased Collaboration


Higher Accuracy of Models

AutoML, Auto EDA, Auto Profiling , Auto Viz and Analytical Apps boost productivity.



CPG brand managers across the globe are faced with the unenviable task of finding answers to one of the toughest questions – what consumers want.

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