• Image by Aaron Barnaby

    Analyze Flight Delays

    Analyzes flights delay with sample datasets

  • Image by Isaac Smith

    Distribution Graphs


    Plots graphs of distribution of data by Week, Month & Year

  • farmers-market.jpeg

    Farmers Markets On Geo Maps

    Plots number of Farmers Market by City and by State 

  • payment data analysis.png

    General Payment Data Analysis

    Performs detailed analytics on general payment dataset

  • jetrail-data-analysis-ConvertImage.jpg

    Jetrail Data Analysis


    Calculates the monthly trend in JetRail Dataset

Reading / Writing

  • my sql.png

    Reading from MySQL

    Seamlessly reading from JDBC sources

  • read parquet files.png

    Reading Parquet Files

    Reading Parquet files from HDFS/S3 etc.

  • csv files.png

    Reading CSV Files

    Reading CSV files from HDFS/S3 etc.

  • elastic search.png

    Elastic Search

    Reading and Writing from Elastic Search

  • hive-logo.png

    Saving to HIVE

    Saving DataFrames to HIVE

Machine Learning

  • Image by Howard Bouchevereau

    Predicting Bike Rentals


    Bie Sharing Rental Prediction

  • Image by Moritz Bruder

    Predicting Farmers Market


    Predicting Farmers Market

  • Image by Dan Burton

    Telco Churn Prediction


    Predicting Churn for Telco Customers

  • Image by Austin Kehmeier

    Clustering Houses



    Cluster Houses with K-Means to find similar ones

  • ML model.png

    Saving Data to Hive



    Saves data to HIVE after it has been read from a data source

Data Preparation

  • Image by Markus Spiske

    Convert to Timestamps

    Converts to timestamp from the input sample dataset

  • data-validation-1-ConvertImage.png

    Data Validation


    Performs different kinds of data validation on input dataset

  • drop columns.jpg

    Drop Columns


    Drops some columns from the original dataset

  • null values.png

    Handling Null Values

    Removes null values from the input dataset

  • rename columns.png

    Rename Columns


    Renames columns from the original dataset









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