Why Sparkflows?
Quickly build Big Data Applications end-to-end
180+ operators to achieve complex Engineering & Analytics
Scales to petabytes of data
Multiple Connectors
Enterprise Grade Security
Powerful Visualizations for data being processed
What users love about Sparkflows?
Business Analyst

Self-Serve Big Data Preparation & Advanced Analytics

Anyone can connect to datasets, build workflows and extract value

No more waiting

Do not have to wait for Data Engineers to set things up

Not limited to SQL for Analytics

Extend your Big Data capabilities to ML, NLP, Unstructured data & Visualizations

Incredibly easy to use
Data Scientist

Powerful Feature Generation and Machine Learning on Big Data

Big Data Machine Learning

Easily perform Machine Learning on Big Data

Big Data Feature Engineering

Create complex features for your Machine Learning Projects with ease

Data Engineer

Data Applications, ETL, Reporting on Big Data​

Your solution to backlogs

Radically reduce your backlogs and get time to focus on strategic projects

Add complex processors to Sparkflows

Focus on building complex processors which everyone can use

Big Data ETL & Pipelines

Build complex ETL & Pipelines with ease on batch and streaming data

Next Generation of Self-Serve Big Data Analytics & Applications
Data Preparation / ETL
Machine Learning
Connectors / File Formats
Powerful Self-Serve Platform

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