Self-Serve Advanced Analytics

As Data Science becomes an integral part of enterprise strategy, the ability to enable data specialists like data analysts and data scientists to drive advanced analytics remains a top priority. Organizations are on a mission to be data-centric to extract most value from their data. However, the complexity of the data solutions significantly slow them down.

Sparkflows is a low-code drag and drop analytics studio providing powerful self-service advanced analytics to data personas across the analytics value chain. Sparkflows enables data scientists, data analysts and data engineers with end-to-end analytics capabilities via workflows and over 350+ nodes to connect, read, prepare, transform, profile/visualize data, build ML models, and create reports and dashboards dynamically. Sparkflows is deeply integrated with AWS Services like AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon MSK, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lake Formation and Amazon Sagemaker. Users can easily browse, upload, download data from S3 and view the data in the Hive metastore. Sparkflows supports multiple ML engines including Scikit-learn, H2O, Apache Spark ML, Prophet, ARIMA, Statsmodel, Keras etc., and provides an enterprise-wide secure collaboration platform for users.


​In this webinar, Sparkflows and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will address how organizations can solve the complexities of the data solutions by implementing Sparkflows on AWS.

Sparkflows, AWS and ISG experts will discuss:

Current and future trends for Self-Serve Analytics Platforms

Data Platform & Services in AWS

Self-Serve advanced analytics with Sparkflows on AWS

Webinar held on Feb 10th, 2022

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Sparkflows and AWS – Your path to Self-Serve Advanced Analytics & AI



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Jayant Shekhar, CEO, Sparkflows Inc.

Jayant is the CEO of Sparkflows and is focused on enabling advanced analytics and data science at organizations. He has worked at organizations like Cloudera, Yahoo and eBay building advanced analytics products and working side by side with some of the largest enterprises. He’s passionate about bringing innovative products to organizations to help them solve their most pressing business problems.

Marcelo Silva, Startup Analytics GTM Spec - Business Development, Amazon Web Services

Marcelo is a Big Data BDM at AWS focused on empowering data science and product teams to leverage the power of AWS’ analytics services. He has worked at Cisco, Cape Networks and Aruba building hardware and software products that derive customer experiences insights. As a Product Management lead, he has worked with some of the largest service providers and enterprises around the world to launch innovative cloud solutions.

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Susshruth M. Apshankar, Practice Lead, Advanced Analytics & Business Insights, ISG Americas

Susshruth is with ISG’s Digital Practice, responsible for leading the advisory capability in developing and delivering Data Engineering & Advanced Analytics solutions.  His considerable knowledge of the industry from both a client and service providers’ point of view results in unique insights invaluable for effectively assessing the data analytics solutions and actionable business insights for ISG’s clients.