Retail and CPG applications


Sparkflows provides powerful data analytics for Retail Use Cases.​


Discover trends, predict outcomes, and make better business decisions.​


Get more insight into the performance of your stores, products, customers,​
and vendors — and use that insight to grow profits.


Data is the fuel that creates
power in the business of Retail Sector.​

Sparkflows Use cases in Retail Sector 

Sparkflows’ powerful self-serve solution provides great opportunities for retailers to take advantage of the customer data they own and turn them into actionable insights which in turn boosts up revenue.​

Personalized Marketing/​
Recommendation System


Sentiment Analysis


Locate a New Store

Customer Lifetime
Value Prediction

Market Basket


Price Optimization

Price Optimizations

Price optimization means  having the right price for both the customer and the retailer. This  includes several online tricks and customer's approach. The data gained from multichannel sources is analyzed. This helps to define the buying attitude of a customer, season of purchase, flexibility of prices, the location of the customer and the competitors’ pricing.​

Gather Data

Collate data using historical sales records, product inventory and market data

Set a Goal

Define the stategic goals and

Modeling and Training

Data Previously gathered is 
use to train the Machine learning Engine


Execute the predicted price
across the world

Recommendation Systems

Retailers use this to integrate personalized recommendations based on their user's browsing history, past purchases, likes, and dislikes. Sparkflows helps retailers to create highly targeted campaigns. ​

customer (2).png

Predict Customer
Behaviour and Preferences

After collecting the data, Sparkflows performs some exploratory data  analysis to get an idea of the right model for the insight that we are looking for.​


Once the model is selected, data is formatted by figuring out to deal with missing values, duplicates or other variables. The model is finally fine tuned.


Marketing strategy is the best  technique to attract customers which is highly profitable for the retailers