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Interactive Dashboards in Fire


Fire Insights now provides analyzing data with Interactive Dashboards.

Interactive Dashboards allow slicing and dicing the data in Relational Stores and viewing the results in charts and maps.

Below are the steps for creating an Interactive Dashboard:

  • Create a Dataset of type JDBC

  • Create a New Interactive Dashboard. Set the chart type, filters, x-axis and y-axis.

  • Save the New Interactive Dashboard.

Creating a JDBC Dataset

The first step of creating an Interactive Dashboard is to create a JDBC Dataset. This allows the Dashboard to fire queries to it.

The below JDBC Dataset is pointing to a MySQL table.

Creating the Interactive Dashboard

Start by creating a new Interactive Dashboard using the JDBC Dataset created.

Set the values for any text or numeric filters to be applied.

Set the columns for the x-axis and y-axis.

As we interact with the Interactive Dashboard, the chart values get updated.

Give a name to the Dashboard and save it.

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