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Applications in Fire

We are excited to release the new feature Applications. Applications are a natural way users and teams to work build Intelligent Applications. It allows combining and sharing things relevant to a Applicaitons together.


In Fire, Applications can be created by anyone. Applications combine Datasets, Workflows and Dashboards together. Applications can also be shared with different groups with different access levels.

This also paves the way for Source Code Control Integration coming in our next release. Applications can then be associated with certain Repositories and synched with them.

Creating Applications

New Applications can be created from the Applications Page. Datasets, Workflows and Dashboards can be created inside Applications.

Application View

Below is a view of the Application. There are tabs for Workflow, Datasets, Dashboards and for sharing the Applications with groups.

Sharing of Applications

Below is a screenshot showing sharing of Applications. Customer 360 Degree application is shared with the DEFAULT group.


The concept of Applications brings huge power to the way multiple teams work together on Fire.

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