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Use any of the PaLM state of the art models to build out Apps and usecases. Any model among text-bison-001, chat-bison-001, embedding-gecko-001 among others can be used to enable the usecases like:

  • Code generation

  • Text generation

  • Text editing

  • Problem solving

  • Recommendations generation

  • Information extraction

  • Data extraction or generation

  • AI agent

  • Generates text in a conversational format.

  • Generates text embeddings for the input text.


Title 2

Build these apps with the PaLM models which are designed to be used with enterprise-level safety, privacy, security, and scalability, ensuring that applications are robust and reliable

Title 3

Custom prompts can be added on the fly to interact with the Anlaytical Apps build using PaLM to produce state of art results. The interactions are fast and there is no latency as latency is a big concern when it comes to interacting with Large Language model.

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