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Install Sparkflows on Mac

- JDK 1.8 installed.
- Java and JAR have to be in the PATH
- 8+ GB of RAM on the machine. (16+ GB recommended)
- Python 3.7+ ( when running Python and Pyspark, otherwise not needed )

Use one of the options below
for installing Sparkflows on Mac 

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Sparkflows Installer

Download Installer

Install and Start

Execute the downloaded file by running the commands below on the terminal :

java -jar sparkflows-installer-1.0.jar

Sparkflows TGZ

Download Fire TGZ Spark 2.4.X

Extract tarball :  tar xvf fire-3.2.x.tgz
Change Directory : cd fire-3.1.0
Create H2 DB : ./
Start Fire Server: ./    start

Installation kit

Download MacScript

You can use this Mac installation script to automatically download and install Sparkflows onto your Macbook

To login into Sparkflows application :

Open your web browser and navigate to URL :


Login with :

admin/admin OR test/test

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