Visual Application Development​

​Build workflows by dragging and dropping

Rich collection of 200+ Processors

View results of previous runs

Streaming Analytics

Connect to Apache Kafka, Apache Flume, Sockets, Twitter

Perform Streaming Analytics

Load results into Apache HBase, Apache Solr, Elastic Search etc.

Machine Learning​​​

Classification / Clustering / Regression

Collaborative Filtering

Save/Load Model / Predict

Cross Validator


Perform ETL with an array of Nodes.

Connect to various Sources & Sinks

Filters, Row Filters, Column Filters


Connect to various Sources & Sinks

Batch sources : HDFS, Apache HIVE, Amazon S3

Streaming sources : Kafka, Flume

NoSQL sources : HBase, Solr, ElasticSearch


​Perform NLP on large scale data with Apache OpenNLP & StanfordNLP

Perform OCR with Tesseract

Feature Generation​


TF-IDF, One Hot Encoder

String Indexer, Impute, Scaler

Developer Toolkit​

​​Add code using SQL, Scala, Jython nodes

Develop custom Nodes and have them available in Workflows


Assemble the output of various workflows and nodes into a Dashboard

Workflow Scheduling

Schedule workflows to be run a various time of the day/week/month

Trigger workflows by events in a Kafka topic.

File Formats

Work with a variety of file formats including CSV/TSV, Avro, Parquet, JSON.

Intelligent Schema Inference for the various Datasets


View output of workflows as Linechart, Histogram, Barchart

View Random forests visually


​​Access Sparkflows with a rich set of REST API's.

Workflows/Datasets/Dashboards/Execute Workflows/Access Result of Execution/Browse HDFS/Browse HIVE



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