May 4, 2018

FireServer 2.1.0 Exceptions


I deployed FireServer 2.1.0 and logs threw and error complaining about missing user_configs table.


The problem occurs due to incorrect mysql statement to create the User_Configs Table.




Script -> db/mysql/fire-schema.mysql.sql



user_id INT NOT NULL,

user_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,

spark_config VARCHAR(10000) -- A comma is missing here

PRIMARY KEY(user_id)



Fix would be -> spark_config VARCHAR(10000), -- A comma added at the end.




Also as a generic comment for Mysql Comments within the file if you can put -- instead of // it will be great (Avoids Trivial Cosmetic Errors).



May 6, 2018

Thanks Satheesh!


We have pushed out a new release with the fix to the mysql script. We still have to update it with your suggested comments structure in our next release.


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  • satheeshgecp
    May 10, 2018

    Solr Nodes/Functionality does not seems to be visible for our fire installation. We have Spark running in Yarn-Client Mode. Does loadSolr Node Need to be enabled specifically and not available by Default ?
  • satheeshgecp
    May 8, 2018

    Hi Support, I have observed that the Fire GUI & Workflow Execution (Workflow Creation etc seems to work fine) don't work without Internet Access. A likely root cause is that the the HTML & Angular Templates seem to be loading the gstatic chart loaders from the web (Amongst Several Others). This problems renders sparkioflows unusable in production (since usually production servers have firewall rules to restrict web access). Can you kindly investigate if this can be corrected ?


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