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Sparkflows is the most powerful product in the market that is built from ground up(no legacy hangover) to promote rapid development of Big Data Applications. With focus on large scale data processing, Sparkflow uses Apache Spark as the compute engine which runs workload 100x  faster for batch and streaming data, making insights available in hours rather than weeks. Sparkflows offers the most comprehensive library of built in nodes for sourcing data from batch and streaming data sources, data manipulation nodes for data cleanup and data filtering, and sending data to wide variety of data consumers including databases and visualization platforms. All this functionality is available right out-of-the-box  making is easy for Business Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientist to deliver data flows using the native Workflow Designer and churn out insights quickly.

But Sparkflows goes even further!

Sparkflow platform is fully extensible allowing you to write custom code to meet your needs and...share it and re-use it!  

Other platforms require installation on individual machines, Sparkflows is available on the Cloud of your choice - Amazon EMR, Azure, or Google Cloud. With browser based interface, built in integration with LDAP,  and native support for Spark-as-a-service, it is built to run at scale.

Use Cases

Want to know the demand for your product? Check. Want to predict customer churn? Check. Want to detect fraud? Want to run network analytics? Want to do predictive maintenance? Check. Check. Check.

Sparkflows comes packaged with tools to solve most if not all of your use case for variety of verticals. You bring your own data (BYOD)...and lots of it, and Sparkflows will process it.

"101 uses of Pocket Knife - from preparing for the most delicious meal to making the most beautiful ice sculpture"

Workflow Designer

Sparkflows will change the way you think of large scale data processing. Instead of a hairy ball of code that magically gives you "insights" (and no way to tell if they are true or not!), Sparkflows gives you ability to build workflows using nodes, with each node clearly outlining its purpose.

Don't like what you see. Drop in a new node and configure it instead of starting from scratch again. Don't see the node you want. Ask us or extent Sparkflows and build it yourself!

Data Sources

We live in a multicultural world. So, we don't discriminate.

Bring your data from your legacy systems or from the new shiny thing that you just bought, Sparkflow will process it.  CSV, JSON, Parquet, Avro, HBase, ElasticSearch, JDBC, Salesforce, Marketo - you name it, we support it.

Explore and Enrich

Over 180+ connectors and data manipulation nodes are waiting to be used in Sparkflows. Besides bringing in your own data(and lots of it), all you need to do is to configure them to do what you want them to do.

"Run Analytics, Live Dashboards, Machine Learning, NLP/OCR, ETL on Petabytes of data with Sparkflows."


We love options and we are sure you do too. So, deploy on Premise or on Cloud. Furthermore, run Sparkflows on Premise on Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR or run Sparkflows on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. If this gets you head spinning, talk to us. We can help.


Sparkflows team understands that your needs will change over time. So, we built Sparkflows with extensibility in mind. So, if you feel nerdy and want to code. Go ahead - build your own node in Spark/SQL, Java, Python or Scala.

"What we love about Sparkflows is the pluggable architecture of the platform. We are easily able to build our custom healthcare specific operators and add them to the platform. We are then able to use these custom operators along with the 100s others in the OOTB Sparkflows platform into our E2E data pipelines."
“We love the fact how customizable Sparkflows platform is. We can write custom code in the middle of a workflow, we can build full-fledged operators and run jobs on a Spark cluster directly from within Sparkflows.”

Enterprise Grade

Sparkflows support features needed for large scale deployment. You can manage security using Kerberos, Sentry or Ranger as per your security needs and manage users with user groups, roles and permissions. Since Sparkflows is browser based, no need to install on multiple computers. Deploy it on the Cloud(or premise) and let Business Analysts , Data Engineers and Data Scientist orchestrate data that gives you peek into the future.  

We are small but our product is truly Enterprise grade. See Sparkflows datasheet here.


Sparkflow team partnered with several big names to ensure that Sparkflows works with your infrastructure today and also in the future. If you are moving to Amazon Cloud, Sparflows is available there.

Sparkflows is also certified by IBM. See our page on IBM website. We are also Cloudera certified.

Get Started

There is hardly any point in evangelizing rapid Big Data application development, when we cannot move fast. So, we move fact really fast. We can launch first end-to-end use case is less than 6 weeks.



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