Fire Insights Integration with Databricks


Fire Insights is deeply integrated with Databricks. Perform Data Analytics, Data Exploration, build ML models and Data Engineering in minutes using the 280+ Processors in Fire Insights.


Technical details of Fire Integration with Databricks is available at:

From Fire Insights you can:

  • View/Start/Stop your Databricks Clusters

  • View your files in Databricks File System (DBFS)

  • View your Databases and Tables in Databricks

  • Build workflows which reads from and writes to tables in Databricks

  • Execute the workflows on your Databricks clusters and view the results. Results include data in Charts, Tables, Text etc.


This diagram shows how Fire Insights talks with Databricks.

Install Fire Insights on a machine and have it start interacting with your Databricks clusters.

View Databricks Clusters

In Fire Insights, you can view your Databricks Clusters, start and stop them.

Read and write Databricks Tables

In Fire Insights, you can create workflows which read from and write to tables in Databricks.

Interact with Databricks File System (DBFS)

In Fire Insights, you can view your files on DBFS.

Execute Workflows on Databricks

In Fire Insights, you can execute the workflows on Databricks and view the results of execution.



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