Industrial Case Study



Increasingly organizations across many industries are using data from many different sources. Performing Analytics and ML across them provides great Business Benefits.

However, very few users are enabled to make use of the Big Data Platforms. Data is not accessible, tools are too complex to use and achieving the end to end from Data Cleaning, Data Analytics, Feature Generation to building and analyzing ML models on these Datasets becomes very hard. This leads to frustration and failure of the Use Cases we set about to solve.

Fire Insights is the ideal Platform for enabling powerful self-serve big data analytics & ML. With browser based most powerful workflow editor, easy access to data, 200+ pre-built processors, powerful visualizations and insights into the job run, makes it seamless for the users to solve the very complex scenarios.

Problem Statement/ Challenges

A large Industrial organization wanted to...


A large Industrial organization wanted to...


A large Industrial organization wanted to...

Summary/ Conclusion

A large Industrial organization wanted to...





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