Analytical Apps

Sparkflows enables the coders to build the data engineering pipeline, feature engineering pipeline, machine learning model and finalize the one that performs the best and then abstract away all the details into a simplified UI form based Application to be used by non-coders and business users.


The Application abstracts away the complexities from the end user who sees the app as a vertical solution to the use case which was developed by coders. These apps run Sparkflows workflows in the background which can either be fetching scores from a model, querying a data source among others.


Sparkflows provides the capability to build interactive dashboards based on the outcome of predictive models. The interactive dashboard connects to the data sources and one can use it to see the predictions and analyze them.


Everytime the workflow builds the model trains, if it's used to score, the Dashboard updates itself to show the live data.


Business users and analysts can make use of the dashboard to track progress and performance of the AI project and use cases.