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90 days free trial license of Sparkflows.

Installation and Setup

150+ included examples & use cases


Building of up to 1 use case

of your choice

90 Days free Trial License

Sparkflows would provide a free trial license for 90 days. It includes all the features in Sparkflows: Collaboration, Data Preparation, Data Profiling/Exploration, ML Model Building, Visualization, Dashboards & Analytical Apps.

It includes multiple ML modeling engines.

Installation and Setup


Sparkflows would be either installed in your Environment

or on a machine in the Cloud provided by Sparkflows.

Sparkflows runs on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or on your premise.

150+ Included Examples and Use Cases

Sparkflows comes with 150+ included examples & use cases : Recommendations, Churn Prediction, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection, Diabetes Prediction, Predictive Maintenance etc. You can connect any of them to your Data Sources.

Building of upto 2 use cases

Sparkflows would work with your team to build out 2 use cases of your choice. The use cases would be built on the datasets provided by you.